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Storefronting: A Trifecta!

CANOGA PARK - According to the Upcoming web site, H&M at Westfield Topanga supposedly opened today. We were at the mall yesterday getting Pinkberry for lunch and noted that the H&M still had all the boards up on the outside that said "Opening Spring 2007". We laughed, to ourselves naturally, that they better open tomorrow (June 21st, the start of SUMMER) morning or else we would know that all Swedish people are liars. We will verify with pictures tomorrow.

LOS ANGELES - Speaking of Pinkberry, our hungry little sis, Eater LA, reports that the LA Times has sent Pinkberry to a laboratory which has confirmed that yes indeed, the frozen dessert does contain yogurt. Via Eater LA: "However, the company still mixes its product in-store, which is a no-no with the state regulators, and it might not have as many cultures needed per gram (10 million). So it's still just kinda sorta frozen yogurt."

LOS ANGELES - And finally, The Economist has a report on the riskiness of Tesco's entrance into the US market with its Fresh and Easy convenience store. While you may scoff at the idea of a Tesco opening up in Compton, apparently executives have done their homework and believe they can change the way Americans shop and eat, even in poorer neighborhoods. The article goes into great detail about strategy, target markets, and British supermarkets. Borrring.