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The Cuddliest Republican in Town

On the cover they dub him King of the Mall. But inside July's Los Angeles Magazine, developer Rick Caruso is more King of the Cuddle, spooning Los Angeles shoppers and protecting us from Unthemed Experiences.

"At the Grove, CarusoStyle is the standard to be upheld. In those communities where Caruso is seeking to build, it's a charm offensive. Seldom will a town feel as good about itself as when Caruso Affiliated decides to become a part of it. Caruso bends over backwards, he listens, he flies in experts, he hugs, he laughs, he flatters." All this bending and hugging works quite well, thanks, on homeowners associations, city councils and tenants. The only ones not falling for the "charm offensive" seem to be bigger, badder mall operators - Westfield Group, General Growth Properties - whose chilly indoor properties seem even chillier when their neighborhoods get the multi-million-dollar CarusoStyle warm fuzzies.

· Coming Soon To a Neighborhood Near You [LA Mag]