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Burbank's Got Some Clean Curbs

(Photo via Here in Van Nuys)

A ghost is living in Burbank, a ghost who roams the streets and sweeps at night. Writes blog Here in Van Nuys: "At the corner of Evergreen and Magnolia, there is a former fresh fruit and vegetable stand that has been empty for a few years. It is for sale. Yet the curb in front of this property is swept as clean as if the owner were still there everyday with a broom and dustpan."

Or maybe the ghost is just a nearby store owner who prefers tidiness. Or maybe it's a Burbank City Employee. Who we could pay weekly to come sweep coffee mugs and what might be a moldy banana out of our car? Anyway, more info not to be missed--a forthcoming office development, sidewalk issues--in the comments section of the blog.
· Curbside in Burbank and Van Nuys [Here in Van Nuys]