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Save the Children, Spare the Design

[Interior of Pasinetti House by Here in Van Nuys]

Fingers crossed? This 1958 "exercise in geometry" on Summitridge Drive, Beverly Hills, is one year from eligibility for the National Register of Historic Places. And it might make it, reports Curbed LA Flickr pool member Here in Van Nuys:

The house is currently awaiting restoration. It's about 2,000 square feet. The design is based on connecting 20 square foot sections and is an exercise in geometry. An architect friend of mine visited the house and remarked that the staircase would never pass modern codes because of the open railings. A child could fall through. I almost did myself.... The Pasinetti House intends to remain faithful to its original design by Haralamb Georgescu. But how will the children of Beverly Hills be kept safe from almost certain bruising? The yellow caution signs would require reading and stair-climbing at the same time. No good. We're looking at you and your fancy parallel cable railings, MODAA Lofts.