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LA: Still Expensive, But Less So

[Image courtesy of growabrain]

We love lists. Especially lists of livability. Most livable. Most dangerous. Best places for an artist (pat ourselves on the back!). Most polluted (woo-hoo! we win again!). Most murder-y (yeah! Take that, St. Louis!).

So we clearly love lists. Let's look at another, courtesy of CNN Money reporting on the world's most expensive cities. Blinis and caviar ain't cheap, and Moscow comes in number one on the list, where a 2 bedroom will run you $4,000/month. Remember in high school how cool they told us Perestroika would be?

London moves up from number 5 last year to number 2 this year, because the pound is, well, pounding the dollar. Then we head to Asia, with Seoul, Tokyo, and Hong Kong as numbers 3,4, and 5, respectively.

So where does LA fit in? Well, we've got good news and bad news:

Among North American cities, New York and Los Angeles are the most expensive and are the only two to rank in the top 50 of the world's most expensive cities. But both have fallen in their rankings since last year's survey -- New York came in 15th, down from 10th place, while Los Angeles fell to 42nd from 29th place a year ago. San Francisco came in a distant third at No. 54, down 20 places from a year earlier.So yes, we pay for the privilege of living in LA, but we're paying less relatively than we used to. Gotta love that weak dollar.
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