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Supermarket Roundabout: Checking in With Whole Foods

Sure, we're Tesco obsessed. We can admit it. The first step to dealing with our problem is admitting it. But that doesn't mean we only have room in our hearts for one supermarket. Whole Paycheck Whole Foods is feeling a little left out. And it's fighting back. It's fighting Tesco on its home turf. It's offering upscale dining and spa services. So we welcome a reader update on the new Whole Foods announced last year. First, the new Whole Foods at Lincoln and Rose in Venice will be 47,317 square foot, slated to open Spring 2008. What isn't known yet is which store at that corner Whole Foods will replace - Big Lots, CVS or the 99c store. Details are still being worked out.

Second, Tustin will get a new 60,000 sq foot Whole Foods by the end of this year. Why so big? Well they need room for the tea bar, eco-apparel, wine and tapas bar, asian open kitchen, and most importantly, the butter bar. A bar devoted entirely to BUTTER. Ok, Whole Foods, you have our attention now.
· New Whole Foods Stores Coming to L.A. [BrooWaHa]