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Sunset Junction Restructured

[picture of Sunset Junction via flickr user autopiamusic]

Our favorite street event for seeing moms with strollers rolling next to drag queens in wheelchairs may be in store for some slight tweaking this summer. The Silver Lake Gallery Alliance emails us with news of potential locale changes to appease the angry hipster masses.

Over the years there have been some complaints by some locals as well as shop owners along Sunset about the Junction. Last year the complaints seemed to reach a fevered pitch fueled by a new mandatory $15 fee. This year the fair route which usually runs 3700 TO 4300 SUNSET BLVD. will be pushed down a few blocks and split between Sunset and Santa Monica. Not sure what the complaints and the new route have in common but the new route (along the Santa Monica part at least) is much less populated on the other hand the businesses no longer on the route may lose the fair traffic and business. The SLGA blog helpfully provides a new Sunset Junction fair map, comparing the old to the new.
· Sunset Junction Street Fair (New Route) [SLGA]