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Homes Made of Toothpaste

No, not really. Via Inhabitat, we learn of homes made by the California Institute of Earth Art and Architecture ( CalEarth) that are resistant to Nature's wrath. Also, CalEarth isn't so happy with our approach to disaster-resistant housing. "After a fire, hurricane, flood, or earthquake we immediately declare that this was a natural disaster, an act of God. Then we ask if we have insurance, or how soon will the goverment or U.N. come to help? ... But these are not the right questions. The right question is why did our house burn, fall apart, or get swept away? And when we have the chance to re-build it, why should we build it the same way and in the same place?" The homes may eventually be used in outer space, according to Puzzling. Perhaps instead they can be given to LA's homeless?
· Cal Earth [Official Site]