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CurbedWire: People Aren't Like Eggs

LITTLE TOKYO - Since a reader went through the trouble of taking pictures, we can't really resist another Pinkberry mention. Our amateur photog writes in: "Today's Monday morning linkage proves your obsession with everything Pinkberry is still alive and kicking, so I thought I'd feed the beast. The Pinkberry in Little Tokyo across the street from Japanese Village Plaza looks like it's ready to sink it's non-dairy teeth into this peaceful stretch of 2nd Street, and spread the Pinkberry Empire further east. Not sure about the opening date, but here's some pictures." [CurbedWire Inbox]

LOS ANGELES - For the paranoid, prurient, and just curious, our friends at the Daily News have launched a new crime blog. Partly horrific, partly hilarious, the blog offers a daily dose of SoCal crime. [Daily News Crime Blog]

LOS ANGELES - It's official. Everyone has a blog. Lofts. Toilets. Supermarkets. That's right. A reader alerts us to the Tesco's new Fresh & Easy blog - with renderings of their SoCal stores. And as usual, the emphasis is on energy efficiency: "Indeed, with all the features we've built into it, we reckon we've reduced it's energy usage by c30%. As well as natural light, for example, our exterior signage and freezer cabinets use LED lighting, we've modified our chilled cabinets, and invested in a sophisticated energy control system." Actually, as corporate blogs go, this one isn't half bad. We even like Tesco employee Simon Uwins' Gump-like ruminations: "People aren't like eggs, you can't put them in boxes." Were truer words ever spoken? [Fresh & Easy Blog]