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Walking Down Wilshire, All 16 Miles

Last fall, Angelenos hardier than ourselves, and with better shoes, took a walk along Wilshire, all 16 miles of it from Downtown to Santa Monica. One of the more OCD participants brought a camera and snapped a pic every 10 steps, so what took them hours can now take you just 10 minutes to watch on the Internets.

UPDATE: The video's creator, tobiaswac, writes in on the comments to let us know he was not, in fact, part of Franklin Ave's organized walk, and did this by himself in May 2007. "It is a school project to experiment with representation of urban typologies. I'm glad that at least semprini noticed these issues. Unfortunately, a lot of interesting detail gets lost due to low-res youtube. I still hope that some people enjoy it." If the video makes you feel like walking, get ready. Franklin Ave is planning their second annual walk later this year.