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From The Annals of Condo Marketing: MOCA Membership, Anyone?

[image via SkyscraperPage Forum]

In New York and Miami's frenzied real estate market, developers have to get creative when it comes to marketing their projects. They hook up with celebrities and fashion designers. They throw massive parties. They hire Seal to sing. They sponsor Annie Liebovitz shows at the Brooklyn Museum. They hold benefits to aid villages in Africa (seriously. we shit you not). And when all else fails, they wave cold, hard cash.

But here in LA, despite our reputation for party-throwing and savvy self-promotion, our real estate industry is relatively conservative with the innovative marketing come-ons. A party here. Some free vodka there. Which is why this press release caught our eye. Park Fifth, the ginormous luxury condos (76 stories) near Pershing Square is sweetening their sales deals with free MOCA membership. That's right, Park Fifth is buying a five-year membership to every homeowner at Park Fifth. With membership costing $65 a year, we calculate Park Fifth is spending a whopping $325 per homeowner. Whoa. We're not sure yet what condos will be selling for there but for our money we want personal foot rubs every evening from Gordon Matta-Clark. Is that too much to ask for?
· Art and Lofty Architecture Await Residents at Park Fifth [BusinessWire]