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Planes and Planes and Planes

Joe Dungan of The Simon pens a piece about all the airports of Los Angeles - actually Los Angeles Metro. Everyone agrees that LAX is the last destination of choice for departures or arrivals, but if not LAX then where? we have too many choices: Oxnard, the Inland Empire, Burbank, Orange County, Long Beach and Ontario.

Ontario Airport, in the Inland Empire east of L.A., has actually been renamed LA/Ontario International Airport, so as to entice more people to fly there. I don’t know how much of an enticement that could possibly be, but then again, if I were in charge of anything in the Inland Empire, I’d try anything I could think of. Frankly, they’d probably have more luck naming it after one of their own regional celebrities. Wouldn’t you fly to Jessica Alba Airport once just so you could say you landed on her? And then there's the Palmdale airport, described as the "runt" of the litter. We don't even know how to get to Palmdale, and judging by the failure rate of airlines at the airport, we'll never need to.
· These Are Our Airports: Huge, Busy, and the Runt [The Simon]