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The Mercury: Kimchee and Sales Update

We have a couple of updates regarding the kimchee palace a.k.a. The Mercury at Western and Wilshire in Koreatown. First, a commenter to a previous post blasts you anglo-saxonites for stereotyping all Koreans. Via commenter wangkon936:

"The kimchee concerns are way overblown. Yeah, I know you anglo-saxons think kimchee smells like and looks like used gym socks and/or used gauze bandages. Keep in mind that people that are gonna live here are going to be upper middle class and professionals, people who don't have the time to make kimchee traditionally, which is to make it outdoors and let it fermentate outdoors. These people are going to buy their kimchee at the stores and store it safely in their refigerators. So relax..." Good to know. Reader RobertF emails in an update on the Coffee Bean at Wilshire and Western. "Updating an old story, the signs have gone up on the full-scale Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf right on the corner of Wilshire & Western, though at a quick glance it looked like the interior was still in early stages." The Craigslist ad for units at The Mercury also mentions a Jamba Juice, bank, deli and cleaners nearby or on-site. Meanwhile, property records show that at least two units have sold. One unit has been sold for $896,500 and another for $766,000. We will continue to track sales and let you know if anyone snaps up the often mentioned, but rarely seen $400,000 unit.
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