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Storefronting: When Paper Geese Take Over The World

BURBANK - A reliable, non-shilling reader emails us that a new pizza franchise has landed in SoCal. This sounds fattening. "A carry out/delivery chain that is new to California and appears to be opening stores all over the country. Coming soon to Burbank, Simi Valley, Stevenson Ranch, and Valencia - Garlic Jim's. Not quite as exciting as Pinkberry or Famima, I know." [CurbedWire Inbox]

NEWPORT BEACH - Chip & Pepper, one of those clothing stores we're too old to shop at, has opened its third retail store, this one being the first entry onto the West Coast. WWD reports C&P will occupy a 900-sf store front in the Fashion Island shopping center and will feature clothes for kids who like to look like other kids. []

TUJUNGA VILLAGE - The Tujunga Village blog returns, and just in time. T.V. reports that the Paper Goose stationery store, not to be confused with a stationary store, has expanded into the space next door. T.V. proclaims: "I love this place - I'll never go back to Papyrus again..." You are done Papyrus. Done. Take your fancy papers and beat it. [Tujunga Village blog]