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Keep Your Shipping Containers. We're Going Modular

[image via Epica Awards, "Construction Site"]

A reader has a first hand report of a modular development project coming to the Beverly Grove area. What is a modular development you ask? Good question. The reader explains that "modular buildings result in less construction waste, [as] much of the waste can be recycled, the buildings are more energy efficient, [and] construction causes less CO2 emissions than standard construction. While there is no reduction in time to excavate and construct underground parking, the on-site construction/assembly will take 8 weeks." What does it look like, you ask? Again, a good question. But we don't know yet. The architect's web site has some nice renderings, but none related to this project. Again, via the email we received:

"At Tuesday's meeting of the Mid City West Community Council board, we were told this project would be a first: An 8-unit modular factory-built housing project, to be located at 142 S. Hayworth Ave, which is a block from the Farmers Market. The architectural firm is WorkPlays Studios, but nothing about this project appears on their website." Surprisingly, the Neighborhood Council voted in favor of the project. We look forward to receiving renderings soon.