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You Ought to Be In Pictures

With the summer blockbusters and sleeper hits saturating our theaters right now, it's only natural that our readers' thoughts turn to...real estate. This week we received two emails from two separate readers on LA locations in film. The first reader's taste run to the slightly more gruesome: I thought the Curbed editors might be interested in this. It's a story on a horror movie blog examining locations of old horror flicks. For this entry, they picked Night of the Creeps (great movie by the way) and match scenes of the movie to what the locations look like now. I thought it was great fun and good for your site." Attention USC, UCLA and Cal State Northridge alum: your schools (or adjacent fraternity rows) all make an appearance.

If zombie flicks remind you too much of a typical night out downtown, another reader points us to Shelterrific's analysis of our current crush Seth Rogan's communal house in Knocked Up. She calls it "the classic Encino 1950’s-60’s ranch." We could have sworn they mentioned it was in Northridge.