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Rumormongering: Power House Sold?

[image by flickr user tradica]

A reader tip sent us the above photo of the change in ownership application up at the Power House on Highland, but no other information was forthcoming. We checked their ABC license and found their license expires at the end of July, but didn't find a transfer application. We did find some fun disciplinary action against the dive bar from a previous license dating back to the mid 90's, where the bar committed the heinous act of..."SALE TO OBV. INTOX'D PERSON." Isn't that the definition of a dive bar? Does a bar even qualify as a dive if it doesn't have an OBV. INTOX'D PERSON slumped over over the bar at the far end? Know who bought it? Pass by the bar frequently? Let us know what it says.

UPDATE: The Power House is safe! From commenter MarkSem: "I was there yesterday before the Roger Waters concert at the bowl. Had a chat with the bartender. He told me that the minority interest partners in the bar are buying out the major stakeholder, hence the change of ownership." Long live the Power House.