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On the Market: Silver Lake. Oh, Silver Lake!

A reader writes in with an amazing hillside home that is selling for an amazing price. "For all those Silver Lake haters I found this interesting. I can't remember a home price even close to this. it's off the charts and not even on the fancy side of the lake......" This "trophy property" has more rooms than we can count on one hand (the other hand is typing). Featuring the above pictured scary clown room, a game room with multiple arcade machines, a library with one of those cool rolling ladder things, a pool and stunning views of Downtown. The property appears to be owned by one Michael Ferris, who through the magic of IMDB, is listed as the genius screenplay mastermind behind the Halle Berry turd Catwoman and the upcoming Terminator 4 movie.
What/Where: Single Family Home, Silver Lake
Sq. Footage: ??? SF home on 6,969 SF lot (the property report appears out of date as their is no mention of a pool).
Retail Price: $3,495,000
· 2312 BAXTER ST, LOS ANGELES, CA 90039 [TheMLS]