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Storefronting: French minimalism, French Roasts

[Roving Signage for Roving Cupcakes courtesy of Blackburn & Sweetzer]

SILVER LAKE - We don't have much of a sweet tooth. Our tastes are bitter. Very, very bitter. But for those of you who like your morning donut with a side of scavenger hunt, we present to you roving bake shop Treat Street. And in the grand tradition of non-human blogging pioneered by local lofts and automated pay toilets , the bake shop blogs about its secret location each week. Blackburn & Sweetzer leaves the familiar confines of, um, Blackburn and Sweetzer to head east for a sugar high and report back. She also reports foodie fave Intelligentsia provides the coffee.[Blackburn & Sweetzer]

WEST HOLLYWOOD - Could this signal the end of fugly, rhinestone-bedecked, retina-burning LA fashion? French minimalism comes to Weho as APC opens near Melrose. Daily Candy tells us the first West Coast store for the French label "will have clothing, accessories, and cultural ephemera for men and women." Don't ask us what "cultural ephemera" is - we have no idea. [Daily Candy]

DOWNTOWN - Well, that was fast. It seems no sooner had Apartment 3 left its La Brea location, then it opens downtown. Blackburn & Sweetzer tell us the new location is 500 Molino Street, #112. Now all those SCI-Arc kids and loft dwellers can rejoice in retro clothes and home furnishings. [Blackburn & Sweetzer]