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Inside the Eastern Columbia Lofts

This week, in a search for a non-Curbed related office space, we managed to get inside the Eastern Columbia lofts. Our dreams fulfilled! While we didn't spot Johnny Depp lounging by the pool, or yet another LA Times photog creeping around the lobby, we did tour a loft. Since we've been looking at open plan spaces all over LA, here's our quick take: the loft itself wasn't that bright (although it was much brighter than we expected after reading your comments) but it was big, great finishes, and beautiful communal spaces (the lobby, the mailroom, and esp the rooftop pool, of course). But Kelly Wearstler's taste in chairs is questionable, at best. The views from the roof, stunning. And the price was right.

However, by the time we got back to the office, the loft was already taken. Just slipped through our fingers.