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CurbedWire: Holly Trolley's Last Ride

HOLLYWOOD - Our inbox reports that the Holly Trolley, the Hollywood club shuttle, will cease operations June 17th at 2:30AM. The Trolley's one-and-a-half year run will now be analyzed to see how lessons learned can be applied to other shuttle services in the neighborhood. [CurbedWire Inbox]

WOODLAND HILLS - Ah-ha! Several weeks ago we were enjoying some tasty Poquito Mas on Ventura Blvd, noticing that the Long's Drugs was dismantling itself next door. We wondered, to ourselves naturally, what would go in there. Today, we get the answer via a reader email: "Well, nobody mentioned the actual fact that the new Trader Joe's in Woodland Hills will NOT be a conversion of the Von's, but they will be moving into the former Long's Drug store space a few blocks east, Poquito Mas adjacent.... Maybe then the 99 Ranch scuttlebutt is now that they are taking the Von's instead. Just a thought on my part, with no fact yet to back it up." [CurbedWire Inbox]

CALIFORNIA - June gloom, indeed. California foreclosures are going up, up, up. Via the LA Land blog: "From the RealtyTrac press release: "California foreclosure activity increased 30 percent from the previous month and more than 350 percent from May 2006, boosting the state’s foreclosure rate to third highest in the country. California documented one foreclosure filing for every 308 households, more than twice the national average." Now let's see if we remember this correctly. When foreclosures go up, housing prices go down as banks sell the foreclosed homes on the cheap to make their money back, forcing other sellers to drop their prices. Correct? [LA Land]