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Chapman Flats May Get Even More Civilized: 740 Club To Close?

Amidst all the hand-wringing last week on the Chapman Flats (what's the HOA? where's the parking? are there closets?) one of the greatest concerns was the noise and crowds from the neighboring 740 club. But that issue may be moot (and mute! ha!) if the 740 club shuts down, which seems to be a very real possibility according to LA Weekly. City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo, bruised but unbowed from his battle with Paris Hilton, has taken on a less formidable opponent: LA's gangs. The club, believed to be a "gang magnet" is coming under fire from Delgadillo's office "under the Citywide Nuisance Abatement Program...Revocation of the conditional-use permit would prohibit alcohol sales, which could force the owner, Verdugo, out of business."

When the club is not the site of a gang-related killing, a suspected sexual assault, and other "nuisances," it plays host to a variety of "well-attended, if disparate, fund-raisers, including one for [Councilman José] Huizar and another for the outlaw biker gang the Mongols."
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