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CurbedWire: Landmark Theater Finally Opens

ARCADIA: Our obsession is now your obsession. You can't help yourselves anymore. Now that we've moved on from the Pinkberry madness (or have we?) Tesco has stepped in to fill the retail-stalking vacuum. A reader writes in with his (or her) latest Fresh & Easy sighting: "I have spotted another Fresh & Easy in the works... in Arcadia in a former Vons location which just closed a couple months back. It is located in a strip mall on Foothill Bl. There is a sign announcing the store on the corner of Foothill and Second Ave." [CurbedWire Inbox]

WEST LA - Another reader attended the opening of the new Landmark Theater on the Westside. Will it entice us to make the drive across town and away from our beloved arclight? Probably not. Our reader reports his experience via IM when asked how it compares to the Arclight: "it sort of feels more upscale. I find the auditoriums to be sort of disappointing but the public spaces are kind of really good. it's like daniel libeskind meets stanley kubrick. the hall to the theatres looks like a tunnel with really dramatic lighting and at the entrance to each theatre the floor is illuminated from beneath." From beneath you, it devours. [CurbedWire Inbox]

LOS ANGELES - Did you notice how many artwalks/design sales/street fairs are going on this weekend? But only one of them is also pitching condos. Blackburn and Sweetzer points out that this weekend's Art & Design Walk in Weho will also be pimping the Madrone. Man, those Madronians? Madronites? Madroneses? really like to push the art angle. But as B&S points out, art don't come cheap: "Well, this shell starts at $500,000 for a 700 square-foot studio and runs up to $1,000,000 for a 2,300 square-foot townhome." [Blackburn & Sweetzer]