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Congratulations to Randall Stout Architects, Eyesore of the Month

We've mentioned our love for the iconoclastic James Howard Kunstler, author of Clusterfuck Nation, before, haven't we? Well, perhaps we should again. The vitriol. The bile. The brickbats against the oil industry, conservatives, conservationists, the automotive industry, suburbia, Wall Street, developers, and of course, architects. Its why we live for the beginning of the month - just to read his always funny Eyesore of the Month. We mention it this month because while he picks the Hunter Museum of American Art in Chattanooga, Tennessee, he has singled out the LA-based architecture firm of Randall Stout for ignominy:

Notice the UFO landing pad extending tongue-like from the mouth of this zinc-clad giant toad. Notice, too, the utter absence of any human feminine attributes in the elevations -- no ornaments or curves, no openings, no vocabulary. Nothing but an uptight, shut-in, sightless male box.Kunstler might start frothing at the mouth if he took a gander at the firm's web site. It's a little difficult to tell the Water Station from the Art Museums here.
· Eyesore of the Month June 2007 []