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Hollywood Freeway Park - Proposals Needed

The Hollywood Chamber reports that the CRA initiated an RFP process for a feasibility study of the freeway cap park. The study "will investigate the possibility of building atop the 101 Freeway in Hollywood to construct a "cap" park." Also, the proposed park now has a web site ( and a logo. That's half the battle right there.

Here's a helpful time line to help us understand when we can begin using our park.

October 2006: Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) approves project as demonstration project.

January 2007: Los Angeles City Council Approves $100,000 in Funding for Park Feasibility Study through Los Angeles Community Redevelopment Agency.

April 2007: Feasibility Study RFP is released

June 2007: Feasibility contractor selected

September 2007: Feasibility contractor completes report

October 2007: Environmental Impact Report process begins

October 2009: Environmental Impact Report completed

December 2010: Final Approval by Federal, State, and County Agencies

February 2010: Final Approval by City Agencies – certification of EIR

March 2010: Construction Begins

May 2012: Construction Completed – Grand Opening

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