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Griffith Park: How to Help

Email us with more suggestions; we'll add to this list.
UPDATE: Donations to aid Griffith Park recovery are currently being accepted with a formal fund being announced in the next few days, Jane Kolb, director of Public Information at LA Parks and Rec tells us. For now, you can send checks to: Dept of Recreation and Parks, 1200 West 7th Street, 7th Floor, LA CA 90017. Attention: Public Information Officer. Checks should be made out to LA Parks and Rec and should include words: Griffith Park Recovery Fund.

1. Plant trees and pull weeds at Griffith Park or another Los Angeles park.
2. Become a Friend of the Los Angeles Observatory.
3. Learn about Save Griffith Park, which opposes development of a hotel and sporting complex in the park.
4. Support the LA chapter of the Sierra Club, which opposes the project.
5. Learn more about the LA Nature Conservancy, which advises parks to create "corridors" to other nature spots so wildlife can escape if there's a fire. (Also, the corridors allow the animals to return home.) Griffith Park is largely bounded by roads and doesn't have the best corridors.
6. Learn information about how fires start. Nine out of ten fires are started by humans, says Smokey the Bear.
7. Sign up as a volunteer with the Los Angeles Fire Department.
8. The Disaster Animal Response Team of the SPCA helped move 100 horses out of danger last night. Volunteer with the SPCA.
9. Go plant a tree in Los Angeles as a part of Million Trees LA.
10. LA Park Rangers are cool! Find out more about them and all the great stuff they do.
11. Volunteer at the LA Zoo and feed some donkeys.
12. Volunteer/donate to the Red Cross Los Angeles, which helped run the evacuation center at Marshall High School last night. All proceeds go to their General Disaster Fund.