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Bonjour, Park Fifth

[image via SkyscraperPage Forum]

We were happy to receive our first Park Fifth criticism in our inbox earlier this morning. And even better than that, it came from a French reader. People read Curbed in France? Apparently so. That being said as we read this note we couldn't help but imagine it being spoken by Celine Dion in her stilted accent (yes, we know she's French Canadian, but it's still applicable). Alors, ici est le criticisme (apologies to our high school French teacher for that).

Hello Curbed, Let me tell you my opinion about Park Fifth project.

I think this project will affect, not only the nearby Subway Terminal and Title Guaranty Buildings, but [also] the Library Tower : Library Tower is the current tallest building and is situated exactly at the center of the Financial District. And with his beautiful illuminated crown, it make the Downtown skyline very well-balanced seen from all the parts of the city. Furthermore, Library Tower is a venerable landmark, easily recognizable.

I think that Park Fifth design, height, and closeness with Library Tower, will dramatically disrupt the actual skyline harmony.

I know that one day Library Tower will be surpassed by a taller tower, but, for me, Park Fifth project is not the right answer to do it.

Thanks for read this short message
Cordially, from a regular french reader of Curbed.

We invite other foreign readers to email us as it's always a pleasure to hear what people from other parts of the world have to say. We're highly multicultural.
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