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Rumblings & Bumblings: Expo Sentry

Here ya go. A smattering of questions from across the land, sent in by real readers with the need to know. Who are we to deny them? If you care to answer you are welcome to email us at or post in the comments.

1) Silver Lake: A couple of wonderful questions from the land of silvery lakes. The first requests info on Netty's, which we can answer quickly with a link to the Times and LA Observed. The second part is a bit more questionable: "Half a block from [Netty's], the 4 or 5 businesses occupying the cool 50's brick building at 1628 Silverlake Blvd. (Including furniture store Rubbish) abruptly closed last month. One of the shop owners said the building sold and is being turned into a giant restaurant. Any idea what it's going to be?"

2) Jefferson Park: The little structure pictured above generates a question. "Here's a curiosity...every day I see this little structure on the way to work, at Exposition and Degnan. It looks like some sort of sentry building or an early phone booth. Anyone have any idea what it really is? I thought it might be some sort of utility control room, but there are only two small wires running to it. And, interestingly, it's free of graffiti. Since it's on the Expo line right of way, I assume it will be torn down sometimes soon."

3) Hollywood: This mystery pops up again. "...anyone figured out what's goin' on at the southeast corner of Western and Fountain? Is something decent finally moving in?"

4) Koreatown: Concerned gentleman from question 3 adds a second question. "And what happened to Courtyard Madang? The building's skeleton has been up for half a year, and then nothin'. Across the street, Solair is goin' up like gangbusters by the way."

5) Century City:Where will we get our farm fresh strawberries, now? "Anyone know what happened to the Century City Farmers Market? It seems to have disappeared!"

6) Hancock Park: Development at 6th & Ridgeley? News to us. "Would you happen to know what's happening at the intersection of 6th street and S. Ridgeley Dr? They tore down two of the apartments there a few weeks back."

Answers Thursday...