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More Fiery Images

UPDATE (4:41 PM): The LA Times is blogging about the fire and reports that the 20-year-old man under suspicion told authorities he accidentally started the fire. The fire is now burning across 200 acres. (The Times' fire blog is accidentally linking to old angry comments about immigration or something, so don't bother reading the comments.)

UPDATE (4:33 PM): The LA Times writes that KTLA is reporting the arson suspect is being treated for burns at the Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center. A hospital spokesman said they were gathering information about the suspect. We can't find the KTLA story, but the news site does now say the rapidly moving wildfire is burning across 100 acres of brush in Griffith Park. OK, now it's 150 acres, notes the Times.

UPDATE (4:02 PM): Nick sends us the above pic of the flare up that appears to be just west of the original fire spot, or as can best be estimated from a Downtown skyscraper. We're again seeing a puffy gray smoke cloud billowing up for the third time today. Weird.

UPDATE (3:47PM): Sweet Pete. The fire went away and now it looks like it's flaring up again. From our vantage point we're again seeing the dark smoke going straight up. Updates. Pics.

UPDATE (3:20 PM): The fire appears to be petering out .Just a white smokey cloud now. The LA Times says it was arson. "An arson fire was set in Griffith Park today above the Greek Theatre and spread quickly to the northeastern section of the park, threatening the Los Angeles Zoo and other nearby recreation facilities, officials said.

The Harding and Wilson municipal golf courses, the Griffith Park merry-go round as well as the zoo had been evacuated, according to the Los Angeles Recreation and Parks Department.

The fire is being investigated as an arson and a suspect was in custody, said LAPD Officer April Harding. No identification was available."

UPDATE (3:05PM): Anonymous emails the following from their phone cam: "The fire blocked by a building"

UPDATE (3:00PM): soundsgootme sends the above pic and says: "i've got "ringside seats" again, here in the hollywood hills.... i'm on the other side of the 101, near barham. for perspective, you can just barely see the hollywood sign -- sideways -- in this photo. i hope everyone's ok...."

People are putting up photos all over Flickr. The tag is here. The above photo was taken by user atomicshakespeares.
KTLA is reporting that the fire is spread across 10 acres of brush in Griffith Park, with 80 firefighters on the scene. "Firefighters were protecting hikers in the area," according to a fire spokeswoman.
· Fire Crews Battle Wildfire in Griffith Park [KTLA]