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Celeb Round Up: Sporting Edition

Joining Vincent Gallo in the Biscuit Lofts, the Mariners Ichiro Suzuki has purchased in the tasty building. According to Big Time Listings, the Japanese baseball player paid $2.2 million for the unit. Why would a Seattle baseball player buy in Los Angeles, asks BTL? With two homes in Arizona, and one in Washington, the guy likes investing in real estate. And holding oversized bats.
· Ichiro pays $2.2M for loft unit near downtown LA [BTL]

Porn actress Jenna Jameson purchased a four-bedroom, 3,958-square-foot house in the Hollywood Hills for $2.7 million. FYI: In the midst of a divorce, Jameson is single if anyone wants to date her.
· Jenna Jameson pays $2.7M for Hollywood Hills home [BTL]

Our fascination with Nicolas Cage continues: The actor has taken his SF-owned home/adjacent parcel off the market. It went on the market last week for a combined $9.4 million, the same price he paid for it last September. He also recently listed a home in Bel-Air for $35 million before taking it off the market. What goes on in the mind of Cage? We would like to know.
· Nicolas Cage Briefly Lists Two Bay-Area Properties [WSJ]

Robert Blackman has listed his Spanish-style villa in the Los Feliz hills for close to $1.7 million, according to the Los Angeles Times. Blackman designed the "Starfleet" costumes in the "Star Trek" films for those who are wondering who the heck he is.
· 'Trek' designer plans to go boldly [LA Times]

A Scientologist/actor and his much younger wife bought a house in Beverly Hills for $35 million, according to the Times. Real Estalker says it's the former estate of Kurt Rappaport. Here is a pic.
· He shows them the money [LA Times]
· Tom Crooz is Killing Us [Real Estalker]