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Preservation Updates: Checking in with the LA Conservancy

On a quiet Sunday night, there is nothing we love more than curling up on the sofa with a big mug of hot cocoa and the LA Conservancy member pamphlet. Seriously, it helps up unwind and relax and get ready for the week. It's kind of how Elaine felt about 60 Minutes: "It's part of my Sunday weekend wind-down." Who needs Morley Safer when you have, um, Greg Harless? Anyway, we skimmed the pamphlet so you don't have to and in preservation news:

· Ardas Yanik, the man who demolished Johnie's Broiler in Downey illegally is facing five misdemeanor criminal charges related to the demolition. Each of the charges carries a $1,000 fine an a maximum penalty of six months in jail. As for Johnie's remains, the Conservancy is working hard to make sure the city of Downey demands a clean-up plan that is able to save any salvagable elements.
· God bless FEMA and Diane Keaton! Both have been instrumental in providing support for the restoration of the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Ennis Brown house. Apparently "inertia" put the funding (which was awarded after the 1994 Northridge earthquake) in jeopardy since work on the restoration wasn't begun before the grant period expired. More funding has been requested since the rains two years ago further damaged the house, but that's still pending. Take that FEMA!
·Next up on the preservation slate: Libraries! More specifically, the West LA branch and the Granada Hills branch. While it looks like the Granada Hills branch isn't threatened by demolition but rather a change in ownership to the parks dept, the mighty warrior/preservationists at the Conservancy are gearing up for a battle to protect the West LA facade.

The Conservancy's annual member meeting is coming up in June, where you can (if you're a member) re-elect Ben Stiller to the board, and elect a bunch of other people you've probably never heard of.