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Really Big Towers Proposed. May Actually Happen

A reader points out the interesting article in the LA Times about the proposed Park 5th project which will top out at 76 stories. The project, which we discussed previously, would lord over Pershing Square and reshape the City's skyline by the time it is completed in 2010. We've been following some of the discussion on the newdowntown listserv which has had a little back and forth. An interesting part of the equation is the effect the tower will have on adjacent structures, including the Subway Terminal Building. One person types in:

"The preliminary study finds that "the historic character of the two adjacent buildings could be adversely affected by the development of the Proposed Project. As such, the architectural compatibility of the Project in relation to these structures will be evaluated." Would you build a skyscraper right up against a castle in Prague? Los Angeles doesn't have a lot of historic buildings, especially when compared to the rest of the world. So why not protect what we do have?"

Of course the other issue is the feasibility of adding more housing to Downtown while the housing market appears to be ebbing. The good news is nobody seems to be bitching about the design. Good job architects at Kohn Pedersen Fox. Your design has inspired a hearty "meh" from a restless public.
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