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CurbedWire: Vermont Lofts Get Gutted

LOS FELIZ - A reader emails us to let us know about new artist lofts currently under development on Vermont and Lexington near the Vermont and Sunset Metro station (pictured above). Our tipster tells us "Looks like it has only been gutted so far." Not a lot to go on, and Google isn't making this any easier. We'll let you know once we know anything else.

SHERMAN OAKS - If a tree falls in Sherman Oaks, does anybody see it? Andrew from Here in Van Nuys lets us know he's posted photographic evidence of what may be "perhaps the biggest story to come out of Sherman Oaks since the Galleria re-opened." A 7-story, 200 year old tree fell on a house in Sherman Oaks, and remarkably no one was injured or killed.

BEVERLYGROVE - Even though Tasha warned us she hates the designation "Beverlygrove" for her neighborhood, we're going to stick with it for lack of a better appellation. She covers the retail and restaurant scene in that hood with a discerning insider's eye on Blackburn and Sweetzer and today she lets us know there is yet another place to while away the time as you wait for your table at Toast: Avita. With today's sweltering temps, its hard for us to even think about wearing cashmere but we're sure the trendsetters on West 3rd know what it means to sacrifice for fashion. Besides, haven't most of them had the underarm Botox? They don't sweat anymore.