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Reggie Lookin' For Love in All the Wrong Places

We're just catching up on our Reggie news. Some are wondering if it's actually Reggie or possibly an impostor gator, says the Daily Breeze. Some think maybe the original Reggie died and someone dumped another gator in Lake Machado. We say poppycock. So why has Reggie appeared now after disappearing for a year? It's a sad tale we hear. Curbed is told that it might be a lonely heart that is driving Reggie to reappear. Our wildlife correspondent says: "I am told Reggie cruises the lake at dusk. He is looking for a female alligator, that is why he is out. (Or a male alligator, if he is a Regina). Very sad. No other alligators around!" And local writer Angi Ma Wong has written a children's story about Reggie which makes us weep from just reading the description:

"Sharing a backyard pond with three other reptiles is Reggie, a big, clumsy alligator who is teased and excluded. Outgrowing his home, Reggie is dumped into Machado Lake where he makes new friends who accept him for himself. Reggie’s release inspired best-selling and award-winning author Angi Ma Wong, to pen and illustrate this touching story of rejection, abandonment and exclusion that leads to self-discovery and hope."

Jesus. That poor gator is being used by people to work out their emotional issues. Loneliness. Rejection. Abandonment. What a sad, sad story. We hope he finds a log to hump.
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