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Dutton's May Be Important

Dutton's Brentwood Books may avoid the wrecking ball. Last night, the Los Angeles Cultural Heritage Commission voted to consider declaring the complex a historic-cultural monument, and will look to see if the building is possibly a "well-preserved example of mid-20th century California modern architecture." Diane M. Caughey, a daughter of the architect who designed the building, has been writing editorials and drumming up support for the bookstore, while store owner Charles T. Munger, 83, would like to erect luxury condos and a ground-level bookstore on the site. Munger certainly isn't hurting for cash, by the way, which makes us wonder about his steadfast commitment to the project. According to the paper, Munger partnered with Warren Buffett in running Berkshire Hathaway Inc. and his shares are worth $1.7 billion. Not hurting, that Munger.
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