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CurbedWire: No More Mr. Nicely's

ECHO PARK - A beloved tipster lets us know that the onward march of gentrification has spread to Echo Park, in case the American Apparel store and cute, vegan cafes weren't enough of a tip off: Dunno if you guys have heard about this or not, but "luxury" condos are going up on Temple Street a block west of Glendale Boulevard--not exactly an area thought to be "up-and-coming." Prices are starting in the $500s for 1BR units, if memory serves." Our tipster is going to try to provide photographic evidence, which we will be sure to post. [CurbedWire Inbox]

LOS ANGELES - The last of the Cahuenga Pass Casting Office strip mall is no more. A reader lets us know: "nicely's is no more! they have vacated, and the entire plaza is now under construction. still no word who any of the new tenants will be, but there are 6-8 spaces, and we'll keep watching for any hints." So we will we, reader, so will we. Picture above shows Nicely's still open from several weeks ago. [CurbedWire inbox]

PASADENA - We're sorry. We can't help ourselves. If a reader writes in about a new Pinkberry, we MUST post the news. Can't...resist...Must...fight...urge....It's no use. We believe its our god-given duty to report on new Pinkberrys, new faux-Pinkberrys, and maybe even a new gelato shop or two for those unafraid of fat. A writer lets us know no corner of the greater Los Angeles region is safe from the fro-yo-fortified onslaught: "Pinkberry is coming to Pasadena! Next door to the Cheesecake Factory on Fair Oaks Ave." [CurbedWire Inbox]