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EaterTastings: Take a Ride on the Trader Vic's Rollercoaster

We were out of town last week and missed our weekly check-in with our sister site, Eater. So sorry, sis. We were eating poorly in the cold and the rain. We're so happy to be back in the land of fresh farmer's produce and sunny patios.

1) This week in tiki: Trader Vic's closed? Yes, Trader Vic's closed. Trader Vic's reincarnated? Yes, Trader Vic's reincarnated. Final verdict: Trader Vic's lounge pale, milquetoast imitation of the real thing. As long as we can get little umbrellas and plastic monkeys in our drinks, we'll learn to live with the homage.

2) Sometimes a girl just needs a hot beef injection. Fortunately, May is National Burger Month. Also able to provide us with a little sizzle, Charcoal, next to the Arclight, opens next week.

3) Still waiting for a couple of New York imports to finally open. One Sunset opens next month, but Eater only cares about the Jeffrey Sebelia-designed uniforms. Also making us wait...and wait...and wait: Craft in Century City.

4) The LATimes might be hating on the new eco-friendly restaurant Abode but Eater is taken in.

5) Mozza in May? Not going to happen. Look for a July opening, according to GM David Rosoff. And don't rush him. They'll open it when they're good and ready.