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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Plans

You asked. Some of you answered. We post what we have. Please email us for next week's R&B with your questions or an update. Our email box is always open. Email us at

[blurry image of marina map from LABJ captured by our phone]

1) Marina del Rey: In regards to the El Torito on Fiji, coincidentally we happened to be leafing through the April 23-29th edition of the LA Business Journal which discussed all the redevelopment going on in the marina. Via the LABJ, The Fisherman's Village shopping center is planned for a major revamp, with "a 132-room hotel, 30 new marina slips and 65,000 square feet of restaurant and retail space." Furthermore, "the Fisherman's Village proposal would include a "much more upscale retail and restaurant mix than what currently exists..." Not sure if El Torito fits in to that "upscale" category. Maybe you'll get a Chipotle, instead. That's the plan, however the article goes on to note that critics of the project are bitching about traffic.

2) Atwater Village: Miles in the comments answers the Starbucks mystery, and makes us wonder to which NIMBY he is referring. "The starbucks has been delayed by permit issues, plus they were also forced to build a wall behind the parking lot and several unfriendly Glendale Blvd. forces who are well known for their many methods of impeding rational development on the boulevard. You folks in Atwater know who I am referring to... It's the same fella and comrades who have been delaying the wine shop and everything else worthwhile to the community."

3) Hollywood: Interesting commentary about our least favorite intersection in the CIty. Commenter Nick offers up this insightful post about the Highland/Franklin ruckus. "From the city website: the lane issue on S/B Highland is only temporary.

"Northbound lanes are now open and construction activities have shifted over to the southbound lanes of Highland.

- The southbound direction may be down to two lanes during active construction work.

- For more information, please visit"

And that is that. Thanks for your questions and comments. See you next week.