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Ranking Celeb Homes

Some publication we've never heard of has an interview with William Gordon, author of The Ultimate Hollywood Tour Book. According to Gordon, the largest celebrity-owned home is the 123-room, 56,000-square-foot Spelling mansion, which is "larger than the Taj Mahal or roughly 31 times the size of the average American home." The most expensive celeb house in LA belongs to David Geffen, who purchased the Jack Warner estate for $47.5 million. (We are too lazy to fact check any of this, fyi.) But the most disappointing celebrity home (good category!) belongs to Jack Nicholson. "He has a very modest ranch house, although he does own other homes for his children and exes." (Gordon has got some cojones to diss Jack.) More info about Hollywood landmarks follows on Gordon's web site; for example, 301 Sunset Boulevard (at Sweetzer)
formerly the Source, is the location where Diane Keaton dumped Woody Allen in "Annie Hall."
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