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Roosevelt Lofts, Because There's Always Room For More

Render us impressed. We received an update on the Roosevelt Lofts downtown, specifically a heads up on the swanky penthouse/ rooftop units and the obligatory rooftop pool. How did people function before the advent of the rooftop pool? Via the notice we received, the renderings "show the new penthouses on top of the existing structure- in total there are four penthouse buildings approximately 2 stories above the existing roof. At the roof level there is going to be a pool deck on the southwest corner with a small cabana level higher than the pool deck, and an indoor/outdoor roof lounge which is just below the pool deck level (you can't really see it in the rendering).

The ground floor of the building is going to have sushi, La Salsa, and a small convenience type store. There is also a large restaurant space that has been spoken for by a very hip club in Hollywood who also wants a downtown presence. However, this isn't a done deal... Also, the 7th street Metro stop is in the ground floor which is awesome considering the addition of the Expo Line which will start there." And the interior? Apparently that is coming along just dandily, with tile and wood floors going in and kitchens and other fixtures soon to follow. There are more pics and renderings now on the building's web site. No mention of pricing on the site, however. Anybody care to fill us in?
UPDATE: The restaurant going in the ground floor will apparently be Citizen Smith, according to commenters.

Roosevelt Lofts

727 W. Seventh St., Los Angeles, CA