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Giant Condom Wrapped Building Becomes Billboard Once Again

[Image by Flickr user catch and release]

Psst, remember the giant, condom-wrapped building that CIM is currently converting into luxury apartments at Sunset and Vine? The one the winds ripped apart a few months back? Well, we said goodbye to Moto as high winds tore apart the condom-cum-billboard (hee) but it's baaaaack - just in time for the summer blockbusters! One reader emails us with an update.

[Image by flickr user joannarockford]

[Image by flickr user marice]

Writes our reader: "Nevermind all these "luxury" condos around town... I'd like to live in a building that TRANSFORMS!

Except, i'm not sure what it transforms into? an elementary school? a giant Trader Joes? a homeless shelter? nah... hopefully it transforms into a ginormous robot that Bush sends into Iraq to deal with insurgents."

We expect an email like this will likely set off a flame war in the comments. But let's try to focus on who the real enemy is for a moment: Michael Bay. He's been perpetrating crimes against humanity for years now.