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FireStations: What's that all about?

We received a question from a churchy sort of fellow who is interested in land being vacated by the LA Fire Department as they move into better and newer stations. He wants to acquire it for church use. Perhaps the LAFD blog can offer an assist and be granted complete immunity for all sins by God. Via our inbox:

A buttload of new fire stations are being built around the city, including two in my neck of the woods--one at Regent and Motor in Palms, the other at Venice and Inglewood in Mar Vista. Most of them are to replace older stations that are too cramped for modern use and/or don't meet current seismic standards. Has LAFD already sold the land under the stations that will be closed? My church has a meetinghouse across Windward Avenue from the fire station on Centinela, and could sure use that land for more parking or an out-building. We too are curious what this surplus land is being utilized for, as we have needs as well.