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Storefronting: Palm Springs Edition

[image via flickr user Cactusberry, Palm Springs]

PALM SPRINGS - Too far away to enjoy actual Pinkberry, locals in Palm Springs can now excitedly wait in coma-inducing heat for Cactusberry. Yes, Cactusberry. It's Al Gore and frozen yogurt swirled into one. A reader sends us the linkage, via KESQ: "One bite and Cactusberry in Downtown Palm Springs may be your new favorite store. But here's something about the business that could get you hooked -- everything it uses, the plastic cups, the napkins, even the spoons are all biodegradable...."It's made out of corn starch and our spoons are made from potato starch." The good news is that the containers begin breaking down when the temperature hits 110 degrees. The bad news is, it's always 110 degrees in Palm Springs. [CurbedWire Inbox/KESQ]

PALM SPRINGS - Let's see, frozen yogurt. Check. Gay Retirement Center? Check. And a Tesco? Check that, too. Via the reader above: "I hate your Tesco obsession but I can't resist feeding even the ugliest kittens. You should once and in a while take a look at what's happening in the desert in general. F&E is scouting a spot in Palm Springs where Jensen's (another upscale chain grocer) is now located. The Hard Rock hotel is moving in as well as one of the Starwood hotels. A gay retirement center called Rainbow Vision plans to open. Now that there's a CW show about Palm Springs a la The OC, this place will become hip again. Make that the only hip place with a Walmart Supercenter (what a sight!)." [CurbedWire Inbox]