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Strip Club Not So Popular

(Photo via View from a Loft)

Yes, it's sex week at Curbed. There is plenty of fuss surrounding Little Tokyo Showgirls, a strip club that opened a few weeks ago. Complications include a lawsuit, the loss of the liquor license, and a locale that's making city officials unhappy, according to the Downtown News. "Much like the six other strip clubs operating in and around Downtown Los Angeles, Little Tokyo Showgirls falls in a heavily industrial area that is zoned to allow adult entertainment. But unlike the clubs deep in the Industrial District, Little Tokyo Showgirls is a stone's throw from new residential and commercial developments." Also, the club is pissing off neighbors like the Buddhist temple and community center at 815 E. First St. (which houses pre-school daycare and Boy and Girl Scout Clubs). Worse, the club's name is misleading, according to Yelp-like reviews. View from a Loft also weighed in on the situation earlier this month.
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