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On the Market: Sanity Slowly Returning to San Pedro

In mid-March, we featured this charming 1bd, 1ba cottage near the shores of San Pedro. Most of you expressed shocked outrage at the asking price of $399,000 for the 559 SF home. And we quote:

Commenter LL: "Forget it! I just saw the sq.ft. of the lot--I wouldn't go near that place with a $1-- Are they crazy? Seriously..."

Commenter Anonymous: "559 SF on a 1,263 SF lot? that has to be record. Since it's St. Patty's day, can we assume that a family of leprechauns live there?"

Apparently, the seller heard you and has dropped their asking price by an astounding $100,000. That's like 25 percent, or something. Marissa, check our math. The revised listing reminds you that you can live in an actual home, albeit a small one, for the price of a new condo in the suddenly condo happy San Pedro. Did we mention it has an "Intimate eat-in kitchen?" Sexy.
What/Where: Single Family Home, San Pedro
Sq. Footage: 559 SF on a 1,263 SF lot
Retail Price: $299,000 (reduced!)
· 316 W 16TH ST, SAN PEDRO, CA 90731 []