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Schwarzenegger's Biggest Challenge: Sprawl?

Gov. Schwarzenegger (sometimes it still pains us to type those words together) likes to fancy himself a "green" politician, advocating for lower fuel emissions, more solar power and new carbon-trading markets. But thus far, sprawl has stayed below his radar. Until now? The SF Gate argues that the time has come for our governator to rein in sprawl and fundamentally change how Californians live and commute. Good luck with that, Ah-nold!

Step 1: newly elected Attorney General Jerry Brown has filed a suit against San Bernadino county, to halt the recently-approved adoption of a 25 year growth plan:

Brown accuses the Inland Empire county of failing to consider how growth and new development will impact climate change, suggesting the passage last year of AB32 requires that the county detail strategies to help limit the growth of carbon emissions as it contemplates how to accommodate an expected 25 percent increase in population. Brown has asked a state superior court judge to require the county to redo its general plan, account for the amount of greenhouse gas emissions new developments could create, and provide strategies for lessening those emissions or mitigating them.And this is only one of seven lawsuits based on the threat of global warming to halt development, including "a 2,600-home development in Riverside County, and a facility that would make agricultural compost in San Bernardino County." Not surprisingly, without legislation requiring builders to examine the impact of development on greenhouse gases, they're not the keen to halt progress. More McMansions! With three Hummers in the driveway! And standard incandescent light bulbs throughout! That will teach those Prius-loving politicians up in Sacramento.
· Sprawl clashes with warming in California []