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ICM Partners with LAUSD for the Fresh Talent

In the latest effort to get our adorable children to start going to school and stop playing the PlayStation with a mouth full of Fritos, Hollywood talent agency ICM has partnered with LAUSD to refurbish eight local school auditoriums for the benefit of high-school creative types, in what appears to be a cradle-to-grave style management of new Hollywood talent. Via abc7:

ICM has pledged $500,000 toward redoing [Dorsey High School's] auditorium, the first project to be undertaken, and another $500,000 to help spruce up and modernize the other auditoriums. When completed, the Dorsey auditorium will be known as the ICM Foundation Performing Arts Center. LAUSD has set aside dollars for future public private partnerships, which we hope will result in the further branding of our schools - The Fat Burger Institute of Food Studies Cafeteria, American Apparel's Home Economics and Slutty Model Center. The possibilities are endless.
· Talent Agency, LAUSD Partner to Help High Schools [abc7]