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Storefronting: No Mo' Home Depot

GLENDALE - One of our frequent and reliable tipsters lets us know that shocking as this may seem, Home Depot will be closing in Glendale. We know - we couldn't believe it either! Our reader tells us: "Heard over the weekend that the Home Depot on San Fernando Road will be closing soon, and that a mixed use project of residential over retail will be replacing it. The city of Glendale rezoned all of San Fernando Road to allow for this style development, per the city website, effective in 2004. Apparently Bob Stevenson, the landlord, is in final stages of getting the project approved and readied for construction. Thus the reasoning for the proximity of the Burbank location not that far north." We didn't think Home Depot's ever close, they just multiply across subdivisions. [CurbedWire Inbox]

WEST HOLLYWOOD - Lately, when we think Melrose, we think expensive boutiques and home furnishings west of Fairfax and and up and coming (maybe it already came?) foodie scene further east near Highland. (With a whole stretch in between for faux-punks and high school kids from the Valley shopping for cheap, yet ironic, T-shirts). So imagine our confusion when we saw that Melrose west of Fairfax was getting a speciality food shop. Froma is set to open mid June and is looking for sales staff, esp the kind who is "passionate about cheese, charcuterie, grocery, and wine." [Craigslist]

WOODLAND HILLS - Candidate for Worst Retail Name Ever: The Power Of Home is set to open in the Westfield Topanga mall in June. Owned by the rug and furniture manufacturer Abbyson, the 8,000 sq foot store will sell not only Abbyson's gaysian imports from China and Tibet but will also carry other suppliers. Abbyson plans to open three retail stores in SoCal, all in Westfield properties by 2008 and is launching an e-commerce site as well. There will be a June 23 "Grand Opening Gala with city officials and local celebrities on the guest list." We'll be waiting with bated breath to see what local celebrities show up for the opening. [Furniture Today]