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GPNC: A Civics Lesson Caught on YouTube

One of our readers writes in to let us know about these very strange proceedings at a recent Glassell Park Neighborhood Council meeting:

This is an amazing videotape of a portion of the Glassell Park Neighborhood Council's 5/15 meeting, when discussion of stakeholder videotaping of the meeting took place. In this video, GPNC Chair Bradley states categorically that the stakeholder has no legal right to videotape and that he has confirmed this (not once, but twice) with the City Attorney's office. If this is true, it is misleading you and absolutely WRONG information. The stakeholder is told by the GPNC board that she MUST share a copy of the tape with the board (wrong!); that she MUST obtain a release from each board member before she can videotape (wrong!); and ultimately, Bradley tells the stakeholder to either stop taping or leave, and the stakeholder leaves.

Now that's keepin' your stakeholders involved! Who needs outreach or inclusiveness, much less compliance with the Brown Act????
Keep on fighting, sister. Taking it to the streets. And by streets, we mean the Interweb, of course.