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Yet Another Reason to Hate Vincent Gallo

As if you needed another. Besides The Brown Bunny. And his Roger Ebert Death Wish. And selling his "disease-free" sperm on his web site (we'd like a Dr's note on that, please). Oh, there is no shortage of reasons to hate Vincent Gallo. But we can now add one more: that mofo has a sick Lautner house up in the hills that he bought for $4 million in 2006 and is unloading for a $5.9 million asking price. Gallo owns the Wolff house designed by Lautner in 1961 on Hedges Place in the Hollywood Hills. Even worse, Gallo is perhaps a better real estate mogul than actor/director/musician/breakdancer. According to Radar, "He recently sold a one-bedroom apartment at the Sierra Towers in West Hollywood (formerly owned by David Geffen) to Cher for close to $4.5 million. He's also owned a couple of apartments in the much ballyhooed Richard Meier buildings on Manhattan's West Side."
· Vincent Gallo: Real-Estate Mogul [Radar via Real Estalker]